SNEC 11th (2017) International Photovoltaic Power Generation Conference & Exhibition
Conference: April 17-20, 2017
Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai
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*Sponsors are listed alphabetically by Chinese company name*
TeraWatt Co-organizers
GigaWatt Co-organizers
MegaWatt Co-organizers
Special Co-organizers
Co-Organizer for Conference Opening
Co-Organizer for Conference Plenary
Co-Organizer for Solar Leaders Dialogue
Official Partner for Scientific Conference
Institutional Supporter for Scientific Conference
Co-Hosts for Global PV Financial Summit
Co-Organizer for Global Financial Summit
Co-Organizers for Industry Workshop on Advanced PV Technologies: Balance of System and Distributed PV Technologies
Co-Organizer for Industry Workshop on “Top Runner” High Efficiency Solar Cells, Auxiliary Materials and Technologies Related
Sponsor for " GCL Night " Welcome Reception
Sponsor for "Huawei Smart PV Night" Gala Dinner
Sponsor for “Talesun Night” Gala Dinner
W5 Jolywood High Effciency Photovoltaic Technology Hall
E5 Apolo Hall
E6 Huawei Smart PV Pavilion
E7 Sungrow Hall
N3 GCL Energy Interconnection Pavilion
Co-Organizer for "Top 10 Highlights" Awards
Platinum Conference & Exhibition Media Sponsor:
Platinum Media Sponsor & Special Print Publication Partner