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SNEIA Held the 4th Meeting of the 5th Council and the 1st Meeting of Hydrogen Energy Technology and Application Committee
   On the afternoon of January 17, the 4th Meeting of the 5th Council of Shanghai New Energy Industry Association and the 1st Meeting of Hydrogen Energy Technology and Application Committee was held at the Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources.


Mr. Yang Ping, Secretary-General of SNEIA, briefed the Council members on the preparations for the establishment of Hydrogen Energy Technology and Application Committee since the Symposium for Soliciting Opinions that was held on November 13. Today, the Committee is established, and its first official meeting is held. The meeting appointed Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources to be the Director unit of the Committee, Shanghai International Automobile City Group Co., Ltd, SUNWISE, Shanghai Re-Fire Technology Co., Ltd, and Cemt. Co., Ltd. to be the 4 Deputy Director units, and selected 9 Member units.

Members of the Committee exchanged views on the status of hydrogen energy development, existing problems, standard setting and the needs to be conveyed to local governments by the association.

It is considered that hydrogen energy, as a green and efficient secondary energy, has the advantages of high combustion heat, clean and pollution-free, multiple uses, wide sources, energy storage ability and more safety. It has become the third generation of main vehicle energy source and has broad industrial prospects. The era of hydrogen energy has come, but there is still a long way to go.

The main problems are as follows:

First, a definition is required to “identify” hydrogen, which is supervised as dangerous chemical in China, and has led to difficulties in planning, land use and construction of hydrogen refueling station, due to cumbersome procedures. It is necessary to take off the “dangerous chemical” hat and explicit the department concerned, so as to develop hydrogen as a kind of fuel. Second, there are few hydrogen refueling station for fuel cell vehicles to run. If fuel cell vehicles are not operated in large-scale, enterprises will have no incentive to invest in hydrogen refueling station. The utilization of hydrogen energy will be very difficult without breaking the "chicken or egg first" deadlock. Third, the industry chain still remains incomplete. In the production, storage, transportation and use of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, the supply chain and demand chain are facing problems of synergistic promotion. The supplier and user of hydrogen energy products need to create innovative mechanism. Fourth, the cost is still high. Many key parts can hardly be purchased at home but need to be imported. The cost of production and manufacture can only be reduced when applied in large scale. For example, hydrogen storage bottle costs about 50,000 yuan each when quantity is small. And when 500 cars are available, the price can be reduced to 20,000 yuan each.

The Committee hopes that SNEIA will bring in more hydrogen energy research and development institutes, to strengthen research and development abilities, and improve the industrial chain.

Secretary-General Yang Ping said that SNEIA will bring the demands of enterprises to relevant governmental departments as a bridge. Hydrogen energy exhibition and professional forum will be held concurrently with the 13th SNEC PV Power Expo in June. He hopes members of the Committee will participate actively.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Kai, Director of Shanghai Institute of Space Power-Sources and Mr. Wang Tao, the Department Head introduced the institute and its fuel cell development respectively. Mr. Zhao Wei, Director of Rugao Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, introduced the development and experience of the park industry.

After the meeting, all the participants visited the institute’s “on-orbit vehicle data management center” and “lithium ion aerospace-grade high reliability production line”. A group photo was also taken.